Launched by a young architect from Brussels and tennis fan, she mixed all her passions into one to create Tie Break. A Belgian streetwear brand where Art & Tennis mingle. Our goal? Breaking the classic codes of the sport through streetwear with original designs. We want to share our love and passion for the sport to reach a diverse audience beyond the tennis world

Our label specialized in streetwear has simultaneously developed a passion for analog photography, capturing the essence, intensity, and passion for the game. Our pictures capture the raw energy of professional tennis, offering unique perspectives. (See exhibition)

As streetwear creators, we offer a unique range of original clothing providing a fresh perspective on the aesthetics of tennis, creating a captivating fusion between fashion and sport. We present limited series to preserve the uniqueness of each piece. Our added value lies in the quality of our products, with special attention to sustainability and local manufacturing. 

We can all relate to tennis without playing it. Because what you put into practice when you play, you also apply it in life. When faced with adversity, what do you do? How do you adjust? These are the same principles we apply every day. Tennis is a mental game, and that's the message we also want to spread through our designs. 

For the less familiar, a Tie Break is an off-game to decide the winner of a set when players are stuck at 6-6. When there is a tie at the end of a set or match, we apply the Tie Break rule. And if you still don't get it? Well, there's not much I can do for you, except maybe making a t-shirt out of it? 

There is no better representation of a Tie break other than the rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. So launching the brand with a series around them made perfect sense. Even if statistics say otherwise, no one will ever be able to decide between the two players. Their rivalry will forever remain a never-ending Tie Break .

Why Tie Break ? Because it's exactly what it sounds like: Unique, Unpredictable, Entertaining and always evolving!!

  • Art, Streetwear & Tennis
  • Analog photography
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Made in Belgium
  • Limited editions
  • Worldwide shipping